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Hotel Amenities – all the best for your guests

Hotel Guest Supplies – make sure your guests have an enjoyable stay with our range of guest products. In the modern hotel business, offering toiletries to guests is no longer something unseen but modern travellers expect it! To provide your guests with the best products, our hotel bathroom accessories includes really wide sortiment. Which when combined with our fantastic ranges of hotel toiletries creates the right level of expectation and impression in your guest bathrooms. Enjoy of the journey discovering our complete range of hotel guest supplies and hotel amenities. Discover also all the hotel bathroom products required for an enjoyable stay.

White Accessories; are stylishly minimalistic, presented in quality box packaging

Your guests surly will appreciate the attention and sense to detail when find guests products in your guest bathroom. The standard is to offer: Shower Cap, Vanity Set, Nail Care Set, Shoe Polish Mitt, Sewing Kit, Dental Kit, Shaving Kit. It is very convenient to find also: Sanitary Bags, Bath Salts, Bath Oil Balls, Loofah Sponge… Guest Slippers, Bathroom Robes and Laundry bags etc.

When it comes to the really essential guest amenities…

…those little bedroom or bathroom accessories which your hotel guests often forget to pop into their bags, we’ve got everything covered. Think mouth wash and cotton buds! Your guests will feel thoroughly pleased if they’re on offer at your hotel. Why not browse through our comprehensive collection?! Many of these helpful amenities are specially packaged to look super smart and they’re all available at a very competitive price.

Amenity Display and Presentation – for an even better effect

​​​​​​​If you’re looking for solutions for displaying hotel toiletries, guest amenities or guest gifts you are right here. Look no further than our Amenity Display and Presentation collection. Including a selection of stylish acrylic trays and toiletries holders. These are perfect for using in your hotel guest bathrooms and some specially branded display trays to compliment our branded toiletries ranges.

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