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    Touchless Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser at Hotelbedarf-online.de

    One of the most convenient and easiest ways to sanitize your hands and keep a hygienic and safe environment is by using a Mobile and Stand Disinfectant Dispenser with Sensor. Due to the inbuilt sensor in the products, it allows you to sanitize without making any contact with it. This dispensers are usually with a large capacity and any liquid disinfectant can be used in it. This capacity and dispersion of the disinfection mist/foam is sufficient for many doses. As this product supports contactless functioning, it promotes a healthier habit of keeping your environment hygienic and safe. A automatic hand sanitizer dispenser automatically senses movement and delivers a standard quantity. It’s purpose is to eliminate all germs on your hands.

    With us you can keep your hotel rooms, bathrooms, toilets and all public areas perfectly clean and safe.

    Choose a look that fits perfectly into your environment - whether it's a reception, lobby, restaurant or hallway. We offer white, stainless steel, glossy, matte Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers. In our offer you will also find other equipment for public spaces or for hotel bathrooms.

    Your clients will feel more secure!

    Hotelbedarf-Online.de offers all hotel room equipment and accessories to hospitality professionals, planning offices with a high emphasis on quality and competitive prices.