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    Laundry Bag, assistant in the handling and storage of dirty laundry

    Equip yourself with this little helper - Laundry Bag. Your guests will feel better if they can use these bags. And if you even have a laundry room or a washing machine for guests in your hotel, guest house, etc. - then this is a clear addition. Don't forget to explore our amazing hotel cosmetics!

    Practical attention with great effect

    Hotelbedarf-online.de is your perfect partner for sustainable hotel amenities! Our wide range of sustainable and ecological products, whether economy or high class, will help you to find an economical and ecological solution for your needs.

    "It's the attentions that make your guests happy"

    We deliver small items for the big feelings of your guests. The highest level of comfort for your guests is also achieved through equipment features that match the hotel room, they make their stay even more pleasant.

    We look forward to your contacting us.