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    Tray Rack Trolley - for clean restaurants and canteens

    Choice of elegant and smart Tray Rack Trolley which we offer in three color variants and two variants for either 7 or 10 trays. Tough durable finish throughout. Choose a variant for 7 or 10 trays.

    A robust tray trolley designed for a variety of environments

    A robust tray trolley designed for a variety of environments including catering serving and general everyday use. Check a range of robust tray trolleys in aluminum frame and nice designs. For your convenience there is a possibility of 7 or 10 trays. The removable and reversible trays they are a very popular way to keep order in canteens and restaurants. Customers like this method and are used to it from all over the world.

    At Hotelbedarf-online.de we offer much more!

    You will find much more in our assortment. We equip hotel bathrooms, hotel rooms, receptions, etc. We offer items from the smallest clothes hooks, hangers, waste bins, maid trolleys, mirrors, various equipment for disabled bathrooms… to bathrobes, hospitality trays and hotel cosmeticsEverything from economy versions to luxury. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more advice or more information about the product.

    We are happy to share our many years of experience with you. Hotelbedarf-Online.de offers all bathroom equipment and accessories to hospitality professionals, planning offices with a high emphasis on quality and competitive prices.