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    Minibar Trolleys for efficient replenishment of hotel minibars

    Mini Bar Supply Trolley, Minibar Restocking cupboard trolley. Many hotels and resorts offer mini bars as part of their accommodation. In order to keep guests happy, these are frequently checked to make sure they are never empty and satisfy the needs of the guest. Many people who offer these services. Re-stocking these mini bars has to be on a regular basis. In order to carry these refreshments around, mini bar trolleys are frequently used to transport the refreshments with security and ease.

    Multifunctional, hardened - in different sizes

    Discover all well equipped housekeeping carts with unusually large storage space. A complete system solution for housekeeping in the hospitality industry. A number of chambermaid trolleys have doors, which can be locked to enable easier storage of surplus complementary items. This also makes it less likely that the supplies might go missing while your staff members are busy on their rounds. For more information about chambermaid trolleys, contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

    Much more with Hotelbedarf-online.de

    In addition to maid carts, we also offer Houskeeping Trolleys. Choose great and modern chamber trolley in one place for example together with hotel cosmetics or bedding... at Hotelbedarf-online.de think of all your needs.