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  • Acca Kappa Giallo Elicriso Body Lotion bottle 50 ml

    Price on request
    • Available immediately

    Acca Kappa Giallo Elicriso Body Lotion bottle 50 ml

    • Licensed product exclusively for high class and lifestyle hotels, the manufacturer reserves the right to review the classification
    • Minimum order quantity – packaging unit
    • Not in stock - delivery time 10-14 days
    • Price on request
    •  Vegan friendly
    •  Dermatologically tested
    •  Smells great
    • Enriched with Helichrysum and Olive leaves organic extracts
    • The scents vary from floral to spicy to woody
    • Represents the feeling of prosperity and magic
    • FREE from: parabens, silicones, phenoxyethanol, GMOs, nanoparticles and polyethylene glycol
    • PH-level neutral
    • Has a revitalizing effect and ensures a special showering experience
    • Suitable for every hair type
    • Unisex hotel cosmetics
    • Serving size: bottle 50 ml
    • Packing unit: 144 pcs
    • All packaging is 100% recyclable
    • Manufactured and packaged in Italy

    Acca Kappa Giallo Elicriso Body Lotion bottle 50 ml

    Meet the Acca Kappa Giallo Elicriso Body Lotion - luxury Body Lotionfrom our unique range for top hotels and spas. This shampoo is enriched with Helichrysum and Olive leaves organic extracts. This will make your guests feel special. Not only will they appreciate the brand offered and thus your perfect care, but they will also take away a positive memory of their stay with you.

    A long tradition that lives on even in today's busy world

    Since its foundation in 1869, Acca Kappa remains faithful to timeless values. Love for nature, respect for the human body and also products exclusively made in Italy. Since 1869 the brand has continued to develop and grow - yet the core has remained the same. Based on quality and delicate taste. Now the offer will appeal to both men and women. Especially those with good taste and fond of beautiful scents. Now you too get the opportunity to offer something unique for your guests. Something extraordinary!

    Hotel cosmetics Acca Kappa Giallo Elicriso - Unique

    From a bouquet of helichrysum flowers accompanied by diamante citron, violet leaves, white pepper, nutmeg, cedarwood and vetiver. The master perfumers Acca Kappa Giallo have created Elicriso. With a masculine scent that brings well-being and magic to the eastern Adriatic thousands of islands and peninsulas.

    Luxury experience with hotel cosmetics - Acca