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Housekeeping Logistic trolleys and shelving systems at

There is a warehouse in every hotel complex, restaurant, hospital, spa and other facilities where more people gather and meet. Internal logistics work here, which is the internal engine of the entire complex. In this section Housekeeping Logistic there are many high-quality carts/trolleys, ready for you to transport material, supply, cleaning… as well as practical and high-quality shelf systems for storing everything you need.

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Count on us. We have a rich assortment full of quality products that make work easier and are effective. We offer both luxury and economy variants. We are constantly working on our offer and following the latest trends.

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Do you need to equip hotel rooms, reception, wellness, hospital, restaurant…? You are in the right place at In our sections you will find equipment for rooms, receptions, a wide selection of popular hotel cosmetics, ironing sets, bathroom accessories, mirrors, minibars and safessimply much, much more.

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