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Hotel Hangers and Security Rings – create a comfortable accommodation for your guests!

Coat hangers may be quite small and ordinary objects. BUT because they are in daily use and often visible all the time, coat hangers have also a great decorative value. In our wide range Hotel Hangers and Security Rings you will find various hangers. We offer a trouser hanger, with clips, with an anti-theft ring, or with a swivel hook. We also have beautiful classic colors and lacquer. Come see for yourself!

Hangers and many other accessories for your hotel rooms

Complement a your hotel rooms with a uniform set of classic coat hangers. You can welcome your guests in a first-class way. You can hang the bathrobe on a beautiful classic hanger – it will look luxurious. We know best that leaving guests feeling good and exciting is key! That’s why we include not only basic equipment in our assortment, but also lots of details and little things that complete everything down to the last detail!

We are – your partner in the hotel sector

Our rich experience and monitoring of current trends, as well as the evaluation of permanent values, make us a good partner. With us, you will find both economic variants and luxury variants. All with regard to current environmentally friendly trends. Don’t forget to explore our amazing hotel cosmetics!