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Hand Towel Dispensers

The Hand Towel Dispensers are made of from lots of quality materials, which can be used for a long time. We offer paper towel dispensers of various sizes. Made of different materials and with different capacities. We also offer combinations with a waste bin- the whole panel. The dispensers usually have a window to check whether the dispenser needs to be refilled. The dispensers are equipped with a key so that they can be locked. They are therefore suitable for public toilets and restrooms. Suitable for hotels, homes, offices, schools, banks, shopping centers, hospitals, bars, etc.

Towel dispensers are the best choice in any restroom; here are the many benefits of cloth towel holders:
  • More hygienic
  • Tidier restrooms
  • They can be quickly replenished
  • Doesn’t use electricity
  • For a greater sense of cleanliness for your visitors
  • Better for the environment
With us you will find a wide range of equipment for hotel bathrooms and toilets – from towel dispensers to small accessories.

Hotelbedarf-Online.de offers all hotel room equipment and accessories to hospitality professionals, planning offices with a high emphasis on quality and competitive prices.

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