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Electric Hand Dryers

An Electric Hand Dryers are a quick and hygienic way of drying your hands and are a staple to any public washroom or commercial space. Here you will find hand dryers in different colors, with or without light, made of different materials and also with different airflows.

The choice of a hand dryer is not random. Whether for use, maintenance, noise or vandalism resistance, we offer a wide choice of hand dryers adapted to your environment.

Much smaller ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT with Hand Dryers

It takes 17 trees to produce one tonne of paper. Its manufacturing and transport it’s generate significant amounts of CO2. In this respect, hand dryers are the ideal solution for reducing ecological footprint. New generations of hand dryers have much lower consumption. It also saves the work of cleaners and maids – there is no need to replenish paper towels and take out full waste bins.

Bathroom Accessories – freedom to design a bathroom

Hotel bathroom importance grows constantly and today it belongs to the most important house areas – an oasis of relaxation where everyday stress is released. Through our product series, we want to show you possibilities for how to make an image of your hotel bathroom.

At Hotelbedarf-online.de we offer much more!

You will find much more in our assortment. We equip hotel bathrooms, rooms, receptions, etc. We offer items from the smallest clothes hooks, hangers, waste bins, maid trolleys, mirrors, various equipment for disabled bathrooms… to bathrobes, hospitality trays and hotel cosmeticsEverything from economy versions to luxury.

We look forward to you!