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Bins and Accessories – an absolutely indispensable part of interiors and exteriors

At we know very well how important it is to have a high-quality and wide range of waste bins and restrooms accessories. We know the different needs of our customers. Our team know that you need a different waste bin for the reception, another for the outdoor terrace, a completely different one for the bathroom or perhaps in the hotel room. We therefore offer a suitable selection of different sizes, shapes, functions and beautiful and modern looks.

Waste bins and other accessories for your hotel

The waste bins we offer are first and foremost high quality and fashionable. They have various great features such as noiseless closing, easy emptying and portability. Quick and easy maintenance.

In addition to waste bins, you will find at more than 2,000 bathroom accessories such as various handles (including equipment for the disabled), mirrors, furniture, hooks, rails, hair dryers and whatever you can think of. Don’t be afraid to ask if you need to know more than what you read here.

If you appreciate long-term cooperation and durability, then you are in the right place!

We always try to choose quality products from quality manufacturers and keep the item on offer for a long time. This also applies to various parts – especially bathroom accessories. This is how we think about the environment. The vast majority of our cosmetics are also eco friendly – explore here.

We look forward to you!