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Vittore de Conti Hotel Cosmetics and Amenities

Exclusive Eco Friendly cosmetic line Vittore de Conti offers high quality products and meets requirements of the most demanding clientel with its composition. Vittore de Conti Hotel Cosmetic line contains of ceadar wood in its base accentuated by raspberry and patchouli aroma with light scent of jasmine. This Luxury Hotel collection allows your guests feel the uniqueness of chateau times which they will remember for a very long time. Moreover it leaves the skin silky smooth and provides a long-lasting hydration.

  • Fragrance components – head: grapefruit, almond, yuzu
  • Fragrance components – heart: jasmine, tea leaf
  • Fragrance components – base: cedarwood, musk
Vittore de Conti Hotel Toiletries and Guest Amenities with Quality and Sustainability

We have the disposable eco friendly bath amenities you need to make sure your guests stay comfortable at your hotel. These items will help your customers stay clean and feel fresh during their vacation or business trip, which will increase hotel customer satisfaction.

Vittore de Conti; a unisex range of sophisticated hotel cosmetic products
  • No Parabens
  • No Silicones
  • No Phenoxyethanols
  • No GMOS
  • No Nanoparticles
  • No Polyethylene Glycols
  • Free of Animal Particles
  • daily use with a rich unisex fragrance and is ideal for all skin and hair types
Hotel Complimentary Toiletries Products – Vittore de Conti 

Stock bathrooms with Vittore de Conti Hotel Toiletries and Amenities so they’re always available, or keep them in storage in case you need to supply customers with items they forgot from home.

Vittore de Conti personal hygiene items

Keep hotel soap, shampoo, and toiletries available in bathrooms. With these items, customers will have the amenities of home while they’re away on business or vacation. You can also choose to keep extras, such as Vanity Set, Shaving Set  or  on-hand in case guests forget an item from home.

We also carry disposable hotel bath amenities in kits for sewing, cleaning teeth, you can find separate toothbrushes, toothpaste, and miniature mouthwashes for additional dental care items. Since these hotel size toiletries are small, they’re great for weekend trips or vacations that last a few days.

Vittore de Conti Hotel Cosmetics EcoPure 

With the Vittore de Conti Hotel Cosmetics in your Hotel and Resort, you create a credible ʺgreen” overall impression for your guests. An increasing number of guests are looking for exactly that – EcoPure quality and sustainability.

Eco Friendly Hotel Cosmetics, Vittore de Conti Hotel Cosmetics creates memorable guest experiences. Choose from exclusive hotel amenity collections that combine high-quality formulations with beautifully designed EcoPure packaging that will surely impress your guests. EcoPure® is the best choice for environmentally conscious businesses looking to improve the end-of-life impact of their plastic products

Vittore de Conti Hotel Toiletries and Guest Amenities – a huge Product Range

The range of products for in the Hotel room comprises of shower gel, shampoo (also in a practical combined variant such as Hair and Body ), conditioner and body lotion filled with 300 ml or 310 ml quantities. 310 ml Pump Dispenser System, specially designed bottles are refillable. As an alternative, we offer practical, go green disposable EcoPure tubes in 20 ml and 40 ml or even in bottle 35 ml  ).

  • 310 ml Pump Dispenser Bottles with an exclusive design,  extended lifetime in case of refilling
  • 300 ml Easy Press Dispenser System, recyclable packaging with environmentally friendly and closed dispenser systems
  • easy and fast to use for customers and housekeeping

As an additional product: Soaps, Body Lotion, Hair Conditioner, Vanity Set, Shower Cap, Shaving Set, Dental Set, Shoe Shine Sponge  etc. are available.

Vittore de Conti Hotel Cosmetics and Amenities made for Hospitality Industry with Passion! 

From the beginning we have focused solely on the hospitality industry, designing, producing, and marketing a broad range of personal care products, and guest room amenities. Personal care products rely upon trust.

Vittore de Conti Hotel Cosmetics and Amenities, Enriched Guest Amenities!

Review your hotel or property Guest Room Needs: Understand the property’s guests, discuss what product items are important. Product Solutions for the customers: Suggest collection options within Budget, best sizes to meet length of stay, best collection to meet with property Goals and develop the options to consider.

Interested in more information? Send us a note and we’ll connect with you.

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