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Hotel Pump Dispenser System 

Visit our miscellaneous section Pump Dispenser System. The range from simple free-standing bottles to wall dispenser mount allow for great flexibility. An evergreen choice for hotels and public areas; thanks to a wide range of accessories it can be placed almost everywhere. Hygienicaly  pump dispensing system offers classical solution in prestige design with emphasis on elegance, economy and ecology…

Simple usage for guest, easy logistic, economy of operation, lockable bottle and its easy exchange are the main advantages of this system.

Enter the world of unique Pump Dispenser System with hotelbedarf-online.de

We offer a unique solutions from a European producer GFL. The wide range of GFL lockable bottles includes different smells, colors and valuable plant extracts. These products are dermatologically tested and close to nature, which is very desirable nowadays. All aesthetically and functionally designed with a particular attention to detail. When designing these products, hygiene, handling, economic aspect, design and the environment were considered. All this in beautiful packages with an extraordinary aroma that will delight the senses of your guests.

Hygienically sealed Pumps Dispensers offers modern, economical, ecological and yet very practical solution for hotel cosmetics. It can boast the recognized EcoCert, EU EcoLabel certificates as well as the synonym Eco-friendly. Easy to use for guests, easy logistics, economical operation, lockable content and its simple replacement – these are the main advantages of this sophisticated system.

An Eco-labelled products formulated with essentials and active ingredients. The bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.