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Hotel Cosmetic line HERBAL Collection is designed for all hotels, that are aiming to connect modern style of accomodation with the nature. Soft fragrance of herbs induces the feeling of a blooming meadow. Ginseng ingredient, which has been used for over  5000 years for its beneficial effects, bestows its high resilience against physical exertion and stress to human organism.

It has irreplaceable role in cosmetic industry in the fight against dry and aging skin, optimizing its nutrition and thus preventing formation of wrinkles.

Faster biodegradability of plastic packaging is guaranteed by using EcoPure additive – Eco-friendly! Herbal Collectin products are distinguished by their high quality and their unique Eco Pure packaging.

We have the disposable bath amenities you need to make sure your guests stay comfortable at your hotel. These items will help your customers stay clean and feel fresh during their vacation or business trip, which will increase hotel customer satisfaction. Stock bathrooms with hotel lotions so they’re always available, or keep them in storage in case you need to supply customers with items they forgot from home.

If you own a hotel, motel, or resort, our disposable hotel bath amenities will ensure your guests have the personal hygiene items they require during their stay. Keep hotel soap, shampoo, and toiletries available in bathrooms. With these items, customers will have the amenities of home while they’re away on business or vacation. You can also choose to keep extras on-hand in case guests forget an item from home.

We also carry disposable hotel bath amenities in kits for sewing, cleaning teeth, you can find separate toothbrushes, toothpaste, and miniature mouthwashes for additional dental care items. Since these hotel size toiletries are small, they’re great for weekend trips or vacations that last a few days.

Hotel Cosmetics, Herbal Collection creates memorable guest experiences. Choose from exclusive hotel amenity collections that combine high-quality formulations with beautifully designed Eco Pure packaging that will surely impress your guests.