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Easy Press Hotel Dispenser System, Hotel Dispenser Solutions

Hygienically sealed dispensing Easy Press System offers modern, economical, ecological and yet very practical solution for hotel cosmetics. Easy Press Hotel Dispenser System proves to be a very solid and highly demanded solution for Hotels. Indeed, also it is perfect for hotels with a strong focus on sustainability.

Hotel Dispenser System, an attractive and practical addition to any hotel bathroom

Easy to use for guests, easy logistics, economical operation, lockable content and its simple replacement – these are the main advantages of this sophisticated system.

Easy Press Hotel Dispenser System EcoPure®

We have the disposable and eco friendly bath amenities you need to make sure your guests stay comfortable at your hotel. These items will help your customers stay clean and feel fresh during their vacation or business trip, which will increase hotel customer satisfaction. EcoPure® technology ensures 100% biodegradability of the packaging.

Hotel Wall Mounted Dispenser 

The dispensers are attached to the wall with a holders, which are sold separately as the dispenser is disposable, it is not refillable for hygienic reasons.

Dispenser Cartridge, theft – proof

Single holder for simple handling and non-drip dosing. The Cartridge are 100% EcoPure®  and created for hotels operating with a strong eco-friendly philosophy. 

  • Non-refillable EcoPure® environment friendly 
  • Hygienic, sealed system, ensures guest safety
  • Tamper-proof
  • Theft-proof
  • Non-drip dosing, can be fully emptied
  • Controlled dosages to eliminate waste, waste and mess free and therefore great value, cost effective
  • Housekeeping efficient and friendly, easy to change a cartridge
Dispenser Cartridge holder – Screw-fastened or Self-adhesive

Easy installation and and theft proof. Saves space and its easy to keep clean, a minimalistic design and simple installation. Easy Press Hotel Dispenser Holders are developed to ensure holder and bottle mounting, whatever they are screwed fastened or self-adhesive. Simple low cost installation leaves your walls intact, mounts to virtually any surface with commercial grade adhesive tape. The dispensers can be installed on the walls using double sided tape, indeed meaning that the dispensers can be moved and removed at any time without damaging the tiles.

Dispenser Cartridge holder, colour options

The Easy Press Hotel Dispenser Solution can be refined in 12 different colors to match the bathroom decor. ( Any RAL Color can be manufactured as tailored color. The production for custom made cartridge holders are manufactured in Czech Republic and therefore, can be delivered within 3-5 weeks. ) All colours are available to match each Easy Press Hotel Dispenser brand and bathroom design.

Hotel Dispenser System with wide variety of Brands 

All cartridges are 300 ml sizes and available as Liquid Soap and Hair and Body Shampoo, 2-in-1.

  • Vittore de Conti für sophisticated and luxury hotels
  • Botanica for natural Organic Hotels
  • Nature Philosophy SPA Eco Friendly Hotels
  • Simple and Pure Economy and Budget Hotels
  • Essence SPA and Wellness Hotels
  • Four Elements Business Lifestyle Hotels
Hotel Dispenser System, ultra-hygienic, closed dispensing system

Reduce operating costs and waste our system dispenses allows you to a efficient manage guest consumption. Our system uses sealed cartridges batch coded for traceability with a locking, tamper evident cap.

Guest and Housekeeping friendly, durable, easy to clean with no mechanical pumps or small moving parts to break.

Easy Press Hotel Dispenser System – Hotel Cosmetics and Amenities, Enriched Guest Amenities!

Review your hotel or property Guest Room Needs: Understand the property’s guests, discuss what product items are important. Product Solutions for the customers: Suggest collection options within Budget, best sizes to meet length of stay, best collection to meet with property Goals and develop the options to consider.

Hotel Dispenser Solutions, ECOLOGICAL, ECONOMICAL and HYGIENIC

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