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Carlo Bellotti Hotel Toiletries

Contemporary young Italian fashion designers, who are dazzling with their colorful creations, have inspired us to create brand collection Carlo Bellotti, whose significant ingredient is Marula oil.

This natural product, which is obtained from the kernels of the fruits of Marula tree, has multifunctional effects on a skin. It has high ratio of polyunsaturated fatty acids, that allow skin to retain water in its cells and therefore prevent its excessive evaporation. It contains high amount of vitamin C and whole range of antioxidants. Marula oil has excellent properties, not just as a prevention against aging of skin but it has also anti-inflammatory effects, significantly reduces splitting of hair and contributes to its hydratation.

Carlo Bellotti Hotel Cosmetics – precious collection of travel-sized toiletry products for hair and body

The Carlo Bellotti Collection of bathroom products would suit a wide range of hotel, Spa and Holiday Centres. They have been developed with both the environment and people firmly in mind as the plant based formulas are free from artificial colours, parabens, Fragrances and Sodium Laureth Sulfates Products! Futhermore, the packaging is fully recyclable.

The Carlo Bellotti uplifting fragranced toiletries have been created to help us remember the positive feelings of summer.

  • Fragrance components – head: orange, fruit
  • Fragrance components – heart: coconut, milk, sandalwood
  • Fragrance components – base: vanilla, sweet
Eco-friendly, EcoPure hotel toiletries collection Carlo Bellotti 

With the Carlo Bellotti Hotel Cosmetics in your Hotel and Resort, you create a credible ʺgreen” overall impression for your guests. An increasing number of guests are looking for exactly that – EcoPure quality and sustainability.

Eco Friendly Hotel Cosmetics, Caro Bellotti Hotel Cosmetics creates memorable guest experiences. EcoPure® is the best choice for environmentally conscious businesses looking to improve the end-of-life impact of their plastic products

Carlo Bellotti Hotel Cosmetics and Amenities, Enriched Guest Amenities!

Review your hotel or property Guest Room Needs: Understand the property’s guests, discuss what product items are important. Product Solutions for the customers: Suggest collection options within Budget, best sizes to meet length of stay, best collection to meet with property Goals and develop the options to consider.

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