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SUSTAINABLE Sauna Bags and Wellness Bags

Come and see our amazing Sauna Bags and Wellness Bags. Bags and baskets are all handwoven! Respect for the Asian traditions is key in this case. These products are produced honestly and under favorable conditions for craftswomen.

SPA, Sauna and Shopping bags and baskets on 

Stylish and handmade bags and shopping bags and SPA baskets in beautiful colours and colour combinations. Essential for a day of shopping, getting groceries or a weekend away. Come and fall in love with bags in pastel colors and summer shapes!


The sustainable bags are firm, elegant and made of 70% recycled plastic. Beautiful for people and nature. The entire collection is made out of recycled plastics. We can all contribute to this process by using recycled plastics in our daily lives. Help the environment and be creative yourself by finding new ways to reduce the use of plastics in general.

We look forward to you!