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  1. Hygienicaly dispensing Alda Pump System offers classical solution in prestige design with emphasis on elegance, economy and ecology. Simple usage for guest, easy logistic, economy of operation, lockable bottle and its easy exchange are the main advantages of this system. Alda Pump System distinctively decreases amount of plastic waste so in combination of biodegradation of plastic packaging thanks to special additive EcoPure, it copies worldwide newest trends in perception of human activity impact on environment. Eco-friendly!

2.Hygienically sealed dispensing Easy Press System offers modern, economical, ecological and yet very practical solution for hotel cosmetics. Easy to use for guests, easy logistics, economical operation, lockable content and its simple replacement – these are the main advantages of this sophisticated system. Easy Press System also significantly reduces volume of plastic waste. Therefore we can definitely call it eco-friendly. Its wide range of fillings corresponds to the design and scents of our neutral lines.