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Bathroom Trash Cans – Bathroom Waste Bins provides numerous professional bathroom accessories, including a big range of Bathroom Trash Cans and Waste Bins for hotels.  Essential for keeping every room tidy and clean, these items adapt perfectly to the style of any property. Available in all sizes and colors.

Bathroom Accessories – freedom to design a bathroom

Hotel bathroom importance grows constantly and today it belongs to the most important house areas – an oasis of relaxation where everyday stress is released. Through our product series, we want to show you possibilities for how to make an image of your hotel bathroom.

Wide selection of bath and spa accessories – current lifestyle

We are offering a large number bathroom accessory collections that harmoniously complement our many different hotel bathroom series. Individual lifestyle is having a growing influence on the rich spectrum of living aesthetics, down to the smallest detail.

Hospitality meets durability with intelligent functionality, lasting quality and contemporary design

An assortment of Bathroom products are available for all types of accommodations, choice of luxury and economy ranges to suit any décor and guest requirements, hotels, hostels, hospitals, nursing homes, rehab hospitals  and cruise companies.

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