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Primo line, Modern Art collection is subtle down to the last detail. An ideal combination in black and white, which harmonises with many furnishing styles and is also quick to assemble. Bath Accessories Primo Collection is characterized by clear, simple shapes.

Bathroom accessories Primo, exquisite and stylish!

Primo collection – stylish down to the last detail! The stainless steel surface in a shiny look, with black and white bathroom accessories, gives this collection a design, style and character all of its own. Bathroom accessories Primo collection can be easily combined with our other collections.

Accessories Primo – puristic and striking!

Bathroom accessories serie Primo is durable and easy to care for; goes well with modern decor and is very high quality and stylish. The more than 30 bathroom accessories in this Primo series are all functional and puristic at the same time! Practical and shapely accessories for the bathroom in a stylish design! The Primo bath collection series is suitable for every room and offers an exclusive base that can even be combined well with our other collections, universally applicable and timeless! 

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